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Dine & dance

Krunch & karate

About the program

Allow your child to experience the world of Dance and Karate. Your child will have the opportunity to have lunch following school, then participate in a dance or karate class with our well-known Dee Dots Dance and Karate Academies. Pack your child’s lunch and attire, and we will take care of the rest for you.
The registration and lesson fees for these classes are handled through the dance studio. Dining fees are paid with your weekly tuition. No need to go back out of the house at night for your child’s class — cover everything in one trip!

Munch & mingle

About the program

Your child is invited to stay to Munch and Mingle with us on Monday through Friday or as many of those days as you choose for one hour following the end of class. You child will bring their lunch and eat with us, then have an opportunity to mingle with classmates in various activities such as centers. The fee will be added to your child’s tuition.

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